Here you can find links to helpful and interesting external content.


Bad Science - Blog by Ben Goldacre (great for science and knowledge questions, bad reasoning) is here.

BBC Horizon - 'Do You See What I See?' (news story following a documentary on the perception of colour, which doesn't exist) is here.

BBC News Magazine - article on maps and how we think about the world is here.

eChalk Optical Illusions (a great page to get you thinking about the nature and problems of perception) is here.

How Language Works - the Cognitive Science of Linguistics (online book at University of Indiana) is here.

Intercultural Meanderings - a Blog by Lynne Diligent (interesting reflections on cultures, stereotypes) is here.

Guardian: John Harris article on the demonisation of 'chavs' (stereotypes, labelling) is here.

Lotto Lab - the World's First Public Perception Workspace (great for perception, appearance & reality) is here.

Ted - Ideas Worth Spreading (including short talks on a range of topics relevant to ToK) is here.

The Biology of Right and Wrong (Harvard University magazine article) is here.

The Globe and Mail - An interesting web story about an under-qualified pathologist (evidence, media, science, expertise issues) is here.

The RSA (including a number of articles and animated videos on ToK topics) is here.

Trinicenter online article on 'How Culture Moulds Habits of Thought' (labels, stereotypes, language) is here.

Your Logical Fallacies (logical fallacies / logic / reasoning) is here.