A2 Philosophy of Religion


A2 Philosophy of Religion builds upon the AS course by developing your knowledge of theistic arguments, problems in religious belief, and philosophical debates over religious concepts. There are some fascinating and challenging questions to consider here:

Can God be known through pure reason?

Is there life after death?

Is it possible to capture religious ideas in human language?

Scroll down to look at revision material and in-depth notes below.


Two Page Summaries and Revision Powerpoints

These give you a brief overview of each Paper 3 topic and are a good place to start your revision. You should add details from the full notes, textbooks, and other sources.

Religious experience 2 page summary

Religious experience powerpoint

Ontological argument 2 page summary

Ontological argument powerpoint

Atheism 2 page summary

Atheism powerpoint

Immortality 2 page summary

Immortality powerpoint

Religious language 2 page summary

Religious language powerpoint


Model essays

These essays give you an idea of how to structure a response for each topic. Remember, AO1 and AO2 are now separate on the exam.

Religious experience 1

Religious experience 2


Ontological spanned with religious experience


Life after death 1

Life after death 2

Religious language 1

Religious language 2



Below are some documents that go into more detail on each topic. 

Life after Death


    • You may also have articles in your files by Cole (Mind and Body), Ahluwalia (Soul) and Harvey (Rebirth).
    • The text in the departmental anthology called 'Philosophy and life after death: the questions and the opinions' by Stephen Davis (2000) should also be of help
    • An interesting recent case of claimed reincarnation in the United States is discussed in a news report here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5965wcH2Kx0&feature=related  compare this with Davis' criticisms of 'yoga memory'.

Ontological Argument

Radio programme on the argument: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01mwx64


Religious Experience


  • You should have a lot of material in your files from last year's study of Religious Experience for AS Coursework (Unit 2: Investigations).
  • The text in the departmental anthology called 'Religious Experience' by Richard Swinburne (1996) should also be of help.

Religious Language


You may also have useful essays by John Hick: there is one in your Anthology.

Critiques of Religious Belief



Extra Thinking

Below is a range of sites, updated on a regular and automatic basis, which gives you the opportunity to do some extra thinking. Enjoy.