A2 Implications Paper

This paper consists of studying three set texts relating to the Philosophy of Religion:

1. Religious language: Ayer, A - God-talk is evidently nonsense

2. Religious experience: Donovan, P - Can we know God by experience?

3. Modern philosophy of religion: Westphal, M - The emergence of modern philosophy of religion


Ayer.jpg                                  Donvan.jpg                          Westphal.jpg

               A.J. Ayer                                                P. Donovan                                             M. Westphal

You can find the set texts in the 'Philosophy of Religion' section of this pdf file from Edexcel: http://www.edexcel.com/migrationdocuments/GCE%20New%20GCE/anthology-gce-rs.pdf

Some helpful documents appear below:


General Documents



Ayer Documents



Donovan Documents



Westphal Documents