AS/ A2 Drama and Theatre Studies

The AS/A2 Theatre Studies course consists of 4 core units studied over 2 years. In year 1 you will study

Unit 1: Exploration of Drama and Theatre. 40%

In this unit you will study 2 texts and complete a 3000 word coursework portfolio. You are also required to watch some live theatre and complete a theatre review of 1000 words. This written work is internally assessed and externally moderated. One of your practical sessions will also be filmed and sent off to an external moderator.

Unit 2: Text in Performance. 60%

This unit comprises of 2 sections, both of which involve a performance to an external examiner.

Section A - Performance of a monologue or duologue, along with an accompanying set of notes justifying your performance decisions

Section B - Performance of a full length play script

Unit 3: Exploration of dramatic performance. 40%

This unit involves working in a group to create an original piece of theatre. The starting point may be a script, or a devising stimulus. The finished piece of work must be performed in front of an audience, but is internally assessed. An accompanying portfolio of coursework based on the rehearsal process and performance must also be completed. This is internally assessed and externally moderated

Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context

This is a final written examination, split into 3 sections. Sections A and B deal with your ideas as to how a set text might be directed and rehearsed. You will be asked general directing questions in the section A and then asked to analyse a set piece of your text in section B. This year's set text is Lysistrata.

Section C of the exam deals with Theatre History and a specific text from within this historical period. This period will be 1500 - 1650, and the text will be an as yet undecided Shakespeare play. You will be asked to compare a modern production of this play, which we will see after Xmas, with how the play might have looked when it was originally written

For units 2 and 3 you have the option of choosing a technical skill to be examined on rather than acting. This could be lighting, sound, costume design, hair and make up, set design, directing or puppetry. If you choose one of these options you simply replace the acting component with a demonstration of your chosen skill plus a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation to an examiner plus accompanying portfolio of work.

This year the AS/A2 course will be combined with the IB Theatre Arts course. This means no changes for your course in terms of content, but simply the IB students will be completing the same work and being assessed slightly differently. The course breakdown of both IB and AS/A2 Drama is detailed below.

AS / A2 Drama

IB Theatre Arts

Must complete a 3000 word study of 2 texts and a theatre review of 1000 words

Must perform a monologue or a duologue

Must appear in a scripted performance

Must complete a research investigation on 1 text, focusing on an unfamiliar practitioner (research investigation)

Must show an ability to review theatre as a spectator (journal and production presentation)

Must perform in at least 2 or 3 performances (theatre in performance / production presentation)

As above

Devise an original piece of theatre

Devising an independent project

The course will be taught as outlined below

Term One

Practitioner studies. Study of 2 texts resulting in AS coursework and IB practitioner study and review

Term Two

Performances. AS students to perform a full length script and a monologue to an examiner. IB students to perform the same tasks, but in front of an invited audience instead of an examiner

Term Three

AS students now finished. IB students to complete their practical performance proposal exam

One thing worth noting is that although both courses will be taught together, practical assessment work must be done separately, in other words AS students working together and IB students working together.