International Students: Wellington College Policy

Wellington College is a traditional English Public School with an international focus and uses 'excellence in education across the globe' as its bench-mark. As an IB world school it is committed to fostering an international focus. Our aim is to support our International Students in all aspects of their College life, to help them to integrate effectively as members of the Wellington community and to celebrate their cultural heritage. All students are encouraged to work and play with enthusiasm. They are expected to participate fully in our wide range of academic and cultural activities, our sports and our service programs. They will learn and benefit from their experience of all 8 aptitudes, acquiring knowledge and life skills that will prepare them for the future, wherever that might be in the world.

In order to achieve this:

  • International students will be monitored on a termly basis and encouraged to integrate. This is done on an informal basis using such indicators as:

 i) The student's willingness to participate in a team sport.

 ii) The student's willingness to participate in the Cultural Life of the College.

 iii) The student's ability to share their cultural and personal areas of expertise with the College community.

 iv) The student's level of English and readiness for public exams.

  • International students will be made to feel welcome and secure: in house, in lessons, in Sport and in the College community as a whole.
  • International parents are always welcome at the College but they may also nominate guardians to attend student conferences and meetings on their behalf. They are also welcome to attend  sports fixtures and events as advertised in The Week Ahead. 
  • The Head of International Students will act as an additional line of communication with students, parents  and guardians in collaboration with HM's as required.
  • There is a peer mentoring scheme for all new students; international students may also be given an additional mentor of their own nationality if this is deemed to be helpful.
  • All international students will have their EAL (English as Additional Language) needs met in order to gain access to further education in the UK or other English speaking countries.
  • Wellington College is represented at International Student fairs and events, should parents, guardians or agencies wish to make contact.
  • There is an annual magazine which celebrates our international students at the College and encourages them to share their experiences at home and in the UK. All schools in the Wellington Group are invited to be involved.
  • The International Students Committee is a forum to express concerns, offer creative ideas and ensure that the life and education of an international student is always on the College agenda. The committee edits the magazine and also publicizes festivals and events of national importance.
  • All international students will meet with The Head of International Students who dedicates at least one evening a week to visit students in house and who will undertake as much pastoral care as required to achieve the above aims.
  • International students will be encouraged to make good use of their weekends by being actively involved in the weekend program and by getting to know the wider community.
  • A central record will be kept of all international students' travel arrangements into and out of the UK. This is in order to meet our inspectorate and UKBA obligations. It also gives us the opportunity to enable students  to travel in a 'buddy' system and to share travel costs to the airport. The College now runs a transfer service to LHR terminals.
  • The first week of each academic year is dedicated as a time of settling in. New international students are also invited to our Early Start program during which the Head of International Students and the Pastoral Team offer additional information and orientation talks.

Ginette Vonchek

Head of International Students 

Updated 23/02/14